Preparing For Next Lockdown

It is the middle of November and all the news broadcasts talk about limiting number of guests for Thanksgiving, closing bars and restaurants early, limiting gym and bowling alley times and even potentially schools going back to remote. The numbers are up in most states and people are starting to feel a new frenzy and a new state of worry. Will it be easier this time?

Most of us are tired of the lockdown but have become more comfortable staying at home. Here is a list of ways you can prepare for the next possible lockdown without going into a frenzy.

Be protected.
  1. Write a list of movies and shows you want to catch up on.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, people are exchanging suggestions and sharing their binging activities. With many of our network shows back like The Good Doctor and This Is Us, we see ourselves getting into a routine usually set aside for winter months. Throughout lockdown I tried to only watch TV at night as to not become all consumed or a “couch potato”. So take out a notebook and write down your wish list for TV but make a time recommendation for yourself, such as 7:00-11:00 pm. I always make it that and vow not to watch TV (once in awhile I will sneak in the news) during the day.

Choose your next movie.

2. Make a schedule for your days.

In your schedule include the times you will exercise, eat, take a nap and anything else that is part of your day. This will make you feel less likely bored or out of control. I think most of the time if we stop to ponder what is happening, we will enter a funk and not do anything but get sad. Think of all the projects you never got around to. When this pandemic is over, everyone should be organized in a perfectly clean home.

3. Do your holiday shopping online.

Take your time browsing emails and Black Friday ads. In the past, we have been running to our jobs with barely enough time to wrap a gift. Well, if you can think of this as an advantage, so be it. Start shopping and comparison pricing which we don’t often have time for. Make a list of gifts you need and money you can spend on each. Ask family members what they really want this year because now that you have time you won’t just buy a gift the day before without thinking it through.

Pick out the perfect gift.

4. Make goals for when the pandemic ends.

Look to the future and decide what will make you happy, what you want to accomplish and even where you want to travel to. Now is the time to research what you want, without rushing, and come up with a detailed, yet doable plan.

I just set aside one of my nice journals and am entitling it “After the Pandemic” where I can write my thoughts as they come to me, so I don’t forget when everyone is rushing back to life.

4. Call an old friend you didn’t during Phase 1.

Reach out to an old friend that you perhaps connect with on facebook and always say you miss and want to talk to. Now is the time to make these reconnections because when work is in full gear and life goes back to normal, we get back to having limited time. So take advantage of this “unlimited” time and reach out to others. Reach out to a neighbor who may need help– it will be much appreciated.

Call an old friend.

5. Say “I Love You” every single day.

We don’t know when our last day is so don’t take any chances. Call your aunt, tell your best friend you miss her and love your family every single day. Every day is a gift that we cannot afford to lose. This year we will be even more grateful and thankful as we sit around and enjoy a meal with our loved ones on Thanksgiving, whether virtually or in person.

We got this. We got through the first one so we are pros now. Take one day at a time and always remember there are better days ahead. Wear a mask, use sanitizer and be aware of people around you. Be safe and we will be celebrating together very soon.

Good times ahead.

Election Day Havoc

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to this election day being over. Aren’t you tired of those political ads that just bash each other? Neither one is saying what they will really do if they become president, rather they are just saying horrible “facts” about the other. We have become a country of arguing liberals who would rather protest, banter or show anger than actually do something about the situation at hand which is simply: We need to fix our country. And we need to fix it NOW!

Our country needs to work together to become better.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic, waiting on a vaccine, and the two candidates just argue about who started the virus, who doesn’t care about the virus and so on and so on. After awhile I just hear blah, blah, blah, blah…..

Before the pandemic we were experiencing a resilient economy, extremely low unemployment and job security. Now we are experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates, people losing jobs, people dying from Covid, and most of all a scared society. Then, in the middle we have George Floyd’s death which inspired riots and looting. Yes, it was not acceptable for him to be brutally killed. But is it acceptable for people in major cities to be afraid for their lives. Streets burned down, stores looted and we are now a society of uncaring individuals who feel the need to protest. The liberals even fought about the choice for Supreme Court judge. They did not care about her vast experience and knowledge but rather her beliefs in abortion and conservatism. Let’s get real people. Let’s pledge allegiance to our flag and be proud Americans once again.

Personally, when all the votes are tallied and this is over I will be enjoying a large drink. I may not be happy with the results but I will be very glad to not hear about this election and hear people bashing each other. Let’s try to fix our society, move on with our lives when the vaccine in developed and learn to be appreciative of what our country represents. Our country needs to return to your heart and you need to regain respect for it. As Americans, we need to cut our party ties and go forward with rebuilding the best country in the world.

Don’t forget to Vote!!

I will be renewing my wine subscription to California Wines. We all need to relax after this and enjoy our families for the holidays.

May the best man win. Or not. Let’s just move forward and hope for a better 2021.

Remember the freedoms we share….

Life Interrupted

Do you remember your mother or grandmother telling you to always make sure your bed is made before you leave the house? Do you tend to clean right before going on a vacation?

Everything in its place….

Many of us have this in our heads that God forbid we have an accident and do not return to our homes, we don’t want people to think we are messy. This unfortunately, gets harder to do when you are older. If you experience a fall or just aren’t feeling well and have to go to the hospital, the last thing you are thinking about is the neatness of your home.

When my mother passed away years ago, I remember cleaning out her apartment. She suffered a stroke so was not prepared to be leaving her things behind. Looking through someone’s life through their house is often eye awakening as well as sad. You find things they treasured and also find unfinished projects that will never be done by them.

After this happened to me, I went home and began the decluttering process. If I don’t want to leave this in my home if I were to die unexpectedly or have to go into a nursing home, then I should get rid of it. Don’t put off using what you buy. Some people will buy new clothes and not wear them, new technology and not try it, and an abundance of other acquisitions that are often left in the packaging.

What’s in your closet?

I have been on a decluttering mission. I read articles, make lists and put goals on my to-do list. I want to be organized so I know what I have, where it is, and if it necessary to keep. Just recently I cleaned out half my work wardrobe as I retired from my full time job and just working from home. In my home, I have dedicated areas for my Virtual Gym classes, my freelance writing, my online teaching and just a reading nook when I want to rest.

Organize those books…..

As my mother-in-law sits in rehab waiting to be placed in Assisted Living, I wonder if she is feeling any regret to leaving so many items to sort through in her home. We look at it as a beautiful tour of her life and we can pick and choose what she brings to her next stage. This experience makes you cherish your parents, what is close to their heart, and treasure what is important to them.

Life interrupted …. it can happen at any time, in any way, and not just to an elderly person. Hence, the don’t go out without clean underwear saying we have heard over and over again. We know it doesn’t make literal sense but it makes sense that we should know what our life represents when someone may walk into our interrupted household. No, it cannot always be clean and tidy. However, we should be diligent in decluttering, donating, and purging as often as necessary.

Organize your drawers….

In fact, I interrupt this post to go declutter that junk drawer that has been annoying for a few weeks now. Just one project, and one day at a time. You will feel so accomplished.

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19 Years Later…… Still Painful

How many of you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? I remember that I was teaching a math lesson and had no idea what was going on in the world around me. It was a typical, beautiful September day without a cloud in the sky and we were getting ready to do our math work in groups. Then, one of my colleagues, an out of classroom teacher, came in and told me that I had to call my husband. I immediately thought that something was wrong with the kids or my mother and said I would call in a moment. She said that the principal insisted that I call right now.

This alarmed me. I left the room and called my husband. It was busy, busy, busy….. What was going on ? At that very moment, my mother called and told me that my husband was safe and that my kids were coming home from school. Needless to say I did not expect to hear the words from her mouth that the twin towers were struck down and they are closing New York City. I froze. What do I do first? At least I knew my family was safe, so my next job was to ensure that my students were safe and not aware of what was going on.

We had an emergency staff meeting where we watched and cried as we saw our beloved towers fall, not knowing who we knew that was in that rubble or who had even started this unforeseen event. We would never be the same, from that moment forward.

We will never forget…..

Slowly the children were picked up. We were told not to say anything to our primary grade students and let their families take them home, hug them and explain what is happening in the world. I can’t even tell you if I remember getting home but I just remember hugging my daughters so tightly that I could not let go. We sat together in awe watching the news until their father arrived safe and sound. We had a quiet but not relaxing family dinner.

After dinner we went to our church to pray for the safe return of Lieutenant Joseph Leavey, our beloved parishioner and friend who was working at his firehouse at the South Street seaport when the towers were hit. We prayed and prayed for his safety. Most of us knew he was not returning but we held onto that hope. We had just had a joyous Church barbeque two days prior and I remember sitting with him talking about school starting and our plans for the fall. Joe would never return home as would not eight other members of our Pelham community. These included two brothers, Joseph and Peter Shea, who were neighbors and their children were friends with mine. It included Month Horde who’s daughter Molly played softball with my daughter. Also, our chief of Police’s son did not return home. The stories continue and we lost 9 people in Pelham, New York where a beautiful memory garden with all their names stands tall.

This year the memory of this day is affecting us differently. We are living in a country that is trying to survive the worst pandemic we have seen in over 100 years. The country is also trying to survive the rioting, looting and horrible treatment of others we witness every day on the news. This coupled with the division of political parties as we near closer to our presidential election. Personally, I feel the pain all over again every September 11. This year I am not teaching and did not get to read the book Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maira Kalman about the fireboat that went to save some survivors and look for others after that horrific event.

Personally, I hope that everyone takes time to reflect on this horrible memory yet remember the unity we felt as a state and as a country. I only wish that we can feel that unity again. Unfortunately, no matter which way the election turns out, there will be retribution to face and possibly more rioting and lives lost.

Take time today to say a prayer for our heroes we lost on September 11, 2001. We will never forget…….

Sorting It Out After Retirement

My retirement has been far from normal. My original plan was to retire in June after teaching my last class of second grade. The year was off to a great start in September when I met my wonderful class and I was so excited to celebrate all my “lasts” with them. Unfortunately, that only lasted until March and even though I was approaching retirement, I was now starting with my firsts. My first time using Google Classroom and Slides, learning virtual learning programs and teaching my class online. No one knew what to expect and I think we did the best we could. I did not feel the same end of school year feeling and definitely not the bittersweet one I expected. And now as the new school year approaches and I am not involved in it, I have some sorting out to do to figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life.

I will always be a teacher in my heart

Before my initial plan to retire, I did some freelance writing on my blogs and also for some clients on Upwork. Since school ended I continue to write for clients on Upwork and I have recently started and shared a series of my articles on Vocal Media. I have written articles on education. Also, I have shared my love of cooking and written articles with my recipes and cooking suggestions. I have broadened my portfolio to include some travel blogs for my travel during Covid.

As the new school year approaches and my colleagues are returning to work without me I plan to “make a plan” for myself. I did not retire because I was too old to work but rather because I wanted to spend more time with my retired husband and also pursue some of my other passions which have been dormant during my crazy, mixed up days as a teacher. Those are days that I will always treasure and because of my pension, I am thankful that I can pursue my other interests.

So what do people want to do when they retire?

  1. Spend time with others – now is the time to get together with friends, go to places you never had time to visit, and really make yourself happy by little indulgences you are now able to enjoy.
  2. Spend time with family – For me having a new grandson (who lives very far away) gives me an opportunity to love him and visit him whenever I can without the restrictions of school holidays.
  3. Spend time on myself – This includes taking time for fitness which was always done in a rush. I can now work around my free time and take a fitness class daily if I want and I don’t have to rush in the door, change in 5 minutes to scamper off to a class while totally exhausted.
  4. Give Back – Once the pandemic eases up, I would like to dedicate part of my retirement to helping others whether it be volunteering at a library to read aloud to children (one of my favorite activities as a teacher) or raise money for a cause I truly believe in. I was always interested in this and because of the time commitment I just never pursued it.
  5. Do nothing – This is the hardest for me. Accepting that it is okay to sometimes do nothing and that it is totally fine. If I just want to sit and read, or take my time checking emails or watch a non-thinking type of program on television, I now can do all that and not feel guilty. Well, I am working on that part.

Well, I am just starting my retirement journey so I will have to take small steps. Small steps to get by all the people that exclaim “oh you’re so lucky” or “now you can do whatever you want” without feeling guilty about it. I always have to remember the endless years of full-time work that took up most of my life. So here it — the beginning of the journey of retirement. Well, I’m tired now so I think I will go take a nap.

Being with others.

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The “Unimportance” of Grammar

Elly Elementary

As an educator for over 20 years, the way we teach children to write has changed dramatically.  Before the creation of various online sites that encourage writing, to using social media and researching on the internet, children no longer have to rely on reading a book and taking notes. Or rewriting over and over again when they can simply edit right on the computer.

diligent small girl drawing on paper in light living room at home Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Years ago, grammar was taught faithfully and students were expected to diagram sentences and know and identify the different parts of speech.  Essays were written with introductions, a body of about three paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Students were prepared to write their research papers, and eventually their college application essays.

So, what has changed?

crop person taking notes in diary during studies Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

With the continuing evolution of technology and the unending changes to the way we communicate on social media and…

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Newport: A Beautiful Retreat in the New Normal

Beautiful bay view….

This was a most unusual year and summer. When we had the opportunity to visit Newport, Rhode Island with friends, we decided to visit with quarantine in mind and enjoy the beauty that Newport offers. Rhode Island seemed to be doing very well during this pandemic, with low numbers and strict enforcements.  With strict rules at every establishment we were able to have a fun-filled week despite Covid.  We opted to skip the beaches and pools which were more populated than our comfort level.  Instead we focused on seeing Newport, a magnificent city set on the Narragansett Bay.  Our hotel was right on the bay and gave us a breathtaking view of the boats and the bay from sunrise to sunset.  We did not feel the excruciating heat because of the cool breezes from the water.

In my phone notes from over three years ago, I made sure to remember to visit the White Horse Tavern, the oldest tavern in America. It was so beautifully, well-kept with furniture and flooring depicting the time it was built. We enjoyed a delicious brunch served in an antique setting.

Oldest tavern in America

We found so many places to visit that were still open with limitations while going on our tours. We opted to try a trolley tour (we were staggered every other row and seat) and enjoyed the sites of Newport as our guide relished us with the history and sites that Newport has to offer.

One day we decided to walk along Bellevue Avenue and visit the shops. We enjoyed visiting the Audrain Automobile Museum. The cars were spectacular, to say the least, and our visit was focused on headlights from original cars to present.

Love the headlights….

We spent many hours visiting the shops on Thames Street and a few restaurants as well, such as Smokehouse and Brick Alley Pub. We read all the customer reviews and tried to diversity our choices within the amount of time we were there. There are so many to choose from that I actually put notes in my phone for a future visit. We enjoyed the lobster specials at the Red Parrot, including the lobster quesadillas, which I normally would be afraid to order. But when in Newport, you think differently about lobster. I was delighted when I saw the huge chunks of lobster in the quesadillas. Just the right amount of cheese was in them so you could enjoy the decadence of the lobster meat.

Lobster chunks in quesadillas

While on Thames Street ,we also visited the Newport History Museum which took you back in time when Newport was first discovered and became a colony. As a history buff, I enjoyed visiting the museum and even watching the retrospective videos.

During our trolley ride, we were able to see all the beautiful mansions that are part of Newport’s history and appeal. We were seated very carefully in alternate seats and rows because of the pandemic. Personally, I was disappointed that the mansion where the Great Gatsby was filmed was not open for visitors There were only two open for viewing, and we actually only toured one – The Breakers. Supposedly, the Breakers is the grandest of the mansions, and I will say, the most ostentatious. It was considered a “summer cottage” by the Vanderbilt family. The family fortune was established by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt in the steamship business and the New York Central Railroad. When he became president of the railroad, he purchased a wooden house called the Breakers in Newport in 1893.

I think I would enjoy cooking here….
The grand entrance to the Breakers
View from the back of The Breakers

The Vanderbilt’s had seven children.  You could see the amount of wealth when touring the mansion, with gold details everywhere and marble walls and staircases.  For me the best part of the tour was the view of the outside back porch which overlooked the water.  The grounds were immense and beautifully manicured.  The house was immense but decorated in 1900 gaudy décor.  It was interesting to see the servants’ quarters where 32 out of 40 of their servants lived.  Their kitchen alone was a dream for anyone who loves extensive cooking. A definite point of interest on your trip to Newport. And hopefully when we get back to normal you can visit some of the others.  We drove by mansions owned by many famous families including Judge Judy, Jay Leno and the owners of Alex and Ani.

One day we were lucky to take a ferry ride to ports in Fort Adams and Jamestown. We visited Fort Adams which was a historic park located in the harbor. In Newport, the fort was active from 1841 through World War II. It was certainly authentic as we found areas to be completely unkept and unattended to.

Our view as we ate in Jamestown

Another stop on our ferry tour was the town of Jamestown, with its New England style mansions and docks for fishing, kayaking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We ate lobster rolls at Spinnakers Café, right on the dock, enjoying the beautiful Jamestown community and bay in front. I must say that I did try lobster in many places we visited, including lobster quesadillas at the Red Parrot, lobster roll at the Wharf Pub, and seafood chowder along the way. A great breakfast place right near our hotel was Gary’s Handy Lunch Diner – a little retro and with many daily specials to choose from.

Lobster roll

If you decide to do a local vacation this summer, Rhode Island is a good choice and Newport is the place to go. We were very impressed with the restrictions placed on touring and even eating in restaurants that we felt safe being out and about and enjoying the sites. Newport is a fun place to explore, full of history and just beautiful and serene. While New Yorkers were suffering with humidity, we could feel the breeze from the water throughout our stay. A beautiful getaway that I want to visit again.

A breathtaking sunset.

Traveling in the New Normal

Recently, I took a plane trip to California to see my new grandson. Most likely I would not have ventured out in this unknown world if it wasn’t for him at this time. I had many nights of anxiety before my trip but I am pleased to say that I was exceptionally pleased with my travel conditions. My biggest difficulty was getting direct flights. With Covid around I did not want to have to stop and replane. I wanted to sanitize once. That’s another reason I opted to take a carry-on with me. It was definitely interesting packing ten days of clothes, etc. into my carry-on and backpack but I wanted as little extra activity (like going to a luggage carousel) as possible.

Ready for takeoff

Once I was settled I found myself at ease. Mask on, seats sanitized with my wipes and I was ready to go. The flight attendants were diligent in cleaning up constantly and always checking on passengers. You could not order any food boxes but you were provided with a sterilized bag with water and snacks. Water bottles were distributed throughout flight. You could not, however, get a blanket or pillow. You sat a seat apart from your neighbor and many rows were unoccupied. Once I was seated my anxiety passed and I found the flight to be very safe and stress free. We are all in the same boat so everyone had a mask or plastic shield on, and sanitizer is the new hand lotion. Even going to the bathroom was fine– clean with sanitizer available. I did not fear going in because of Covid and when getting to my destination I was relieved that it went so well. The hardest part was wearing a mask for almost 8 hours. I can tell you that the makeup business is sure losing money now. Masks will become the accessory of the future. In fact, you can check out everyone’s style as you go through the airport, on the plane and even exiting the airport.

The new normal traveling accessory – the mask

This was worth the joy of me seeing my amazing grandson and my beautiful daughter. The trip made it that much more emotional for me as I thought I wouldn’t be able to go for a very long time. The anxiety was much worse going that once I was there I realized that the world has embraced and tackled this pandemic so we can go about most things in our lives.

Californians were much more relaxed about the virus and just went about their lives with masks in tow. Like I said before, this is our new way of life. I often sit and wonder if we will ever go back to the way it was before this pandemic. I sure hope so but I think in the end we will all be stronger, handle disappointment better, and most of all, cherish all the little things in life. For all the grandparents that missed their grandchildren for months, our hearts ache and we hope that life will return to normal especially for them.

My next adventure will be a local vacation, driving and staying in a hotel. After my flying experience, this will not effect me but I look forward to seeing all the efforts made by resorts to make their customers happy. Life goes on and we have to enjoy what we can, just carefully…….

Entering the Next Phase of the New Normal

The last 100 days have been like no other in our lives. We have stayed home, worn masks and used sanitizers in public, had virtual or drive-by celebrations and have gone without our circle of family and friend that we are used to sharing our lives with.

At the beginning we felt as if it would all go back to normal after a few days. Personally, I never imagined teaching the rest of the school year virtually from home. Students and teachers alike ventured into a new world of learning. People all around us lost jobs or their jobs were put “on hold” until this pandemic left us. Every day we stopped what we were doing to hear the updates of number of new cases, new deaths and how we were doing overall. There were times that we lost faith that we would ever leave our houses. Grandparents relied on facetime to see their precious babies while weddings and graduations were put on hold or done virtually.

What will the new normal be like?

Originally, I thought I would wait a long time before “entering back into society” but after 100 days that was not the case. We had a small family birthday gathering and experienced the new outside dining with requirements. I now have masks to match many outfits and have sanitizer attached to my handbag which also includes spare gloves. How long will we continue to live like this? Will we ever completely go back to normal?

Most people said they were dealing with staying at home and it was no big deal, but as soon as restrictions were lifted you saw the streets packing up and more traffic on the highway. Just last night sitting outside and dining, I got a renewed sense of life going forward, still praying that there are no setups. Hoping that protesters and rioters will wear masks so that we don’t have a new outbreak. We have lost enough people to Covid-19 and our society is ready to make changes while going back to what makes our lives fulfilling.

As we enter the next phase we will notice businesses that have made it and those that have not. We are apt to patronize businesses we love (restaurants, stores, salons) in hopes that they will come back strong and so will our economy. This new normal has led to more fights among the political parties and many people think this was all planned. Part of me truly believes this was a conspiracy to ruin Trump, but what did we do instead, we ruined our own economy and many people’s lives have been shattered.

Photo by Lukas Sankey

So let’s move into the next phase of recovery with peace in our hearts and not think about fighting each other. Instead let’s make our country great again as a unified society that’s main goal is for its people to lead healthy and prosperous lives. We all want happiness in our lives so let’s never forget the quarantine and all that we missed during those 100 days. I know I will never forget and not take advantage of any wonderful days and experiences again.

Let’s keep using masks and washing our hands, using sanitizer and practicing social distancing so that we never return to that quarantine. God Bless our country!!

What Happened to Our World

We are almost three months into a quarantine for Covid-19 and stressed about staying home, staying alive and praying all our loved ones are safe and healthy. As states open and others get ready to open, we have now entered into a world I do not recognize.

The brutal death of George Floyd was horrific, not acceptable and a behavior from a police officer that does not represent all of the police officers in our country. Racism is unacceptable, however, violence is even more unacceptable. Our daily newscasts on the virus, deaths and a fledging economy were once as common as making dinner every night. Now the news is filled with protests in major cities all over our country, and even around the globe. Again, I will repeat, that police officer was completely wrong and should be punished for what he did to George Floyd. But what about the deaths, injuries and ruined property that is the result of unruly, uncaring protesters. Stores looted, buildings and police cars burned, and significant buildings defaced with graffiti are only a few examples of the terror that has become this country. Won’t these actions further hurt our economy and the people in this country? People are afraid of what this violence will lead to — what our world will become.

Make our country beautiful again.

As I sit here and write this today I am more afraid to go out and be caught up in a protest area of destruction right now than of contracting Covid-19. Rioters want to prove that Black Lives Matter, well, all lives matter and we should take a good look at what our country has become. A country more concerned with putting down our president than making a better community for our children. People who rather bash each other on social media because of their beliefs than show love and gratitude for every day that we are given the blessing of waking up.

I don’t seem this improving with the upcoming Presidential Election. When I was growing up, the president was respected whether you liked him or disliked him. You never discussed your opinion with others because politics were considered as personal as religion. Nowadays every conversation turns political at some point. You cannot even make a statement without fearing being blasted by someone with a countering opinion of our government.

Love our country again.

People used to see the United States of America as a place to be proud to be born in, a place that makes us proud to be citizens of. This is why so many people enter our borders in hopes of a better life. I don’t think they see the better life here now. In fact, it is probably better where they are living right now.

We are part of a community that has always had problems with racism. One of our strongest leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., tallied of peace for everyone. His rallies never ended in protests but rather they where peaceful gatherings where people spoke their minds. Racism is an issue that seems to quiet down and then come back with a vengeance with an incident such as the uncalled for murder of George Floyd.

After what we have been through as a nation losing more than 100,000 people to Covid-19 and now losing people to these protests, let’s stop and think about our actions. Speak your mind but peacefully please. Let’s get back to a United States of America that we can all be proud to live in……