A Note to New York State –Did We Forget Our Priorities

December 5, 2015 A copy of my letter to New York State Licensing Department regarding an appalling experience at my local nail salon “I am writing to you today regarding my experience yesterday at a local nail salon, Pick A Polish, located on 5th Avenue in Pelham, NY. As I entered the salon at 3:50,Continue reading “A Note to New York State –Did We Forget Our Priorities”

Baked Beans and Blood Pudding

Most of us look forward to our buffet breakfast after first arriving on vacation.  You anticipate all your favorite, scrumptious breakfast foods that you don’t have time to cook while at home.  Then, you go to a country that is completely different and you browse through the buffet at least twice before choosing your meal. Continue reading “Baked Beans and Blood Pudding”

End of a Summer, New Beginnings for Teachers

One of the challenges of being a teacher is starting over every September. Teachers have two New Years every year — two opportunities to make positive changes in your life.  I find it invigorating to be given the challenge to start again. To be able to work on your goals and make a difference inContinue reading “End of a Summer, New Beginnings for Teachers”