Computer File Mayhem

I thought about this mayhem this morning when I was organizing some files on my computer. Did you ever spend countless minutes looking for a file you need on your computer? You always promise that next time you will organize them in folders if you could please just find this one file. And they sayContinue reading “Computer File Mayhem”

Bring Your “Best Friend” to the Dog Park

One moment of your time, just a few minutes out of your day can make your dog “smile” all week or at least cuddle up and sleep while you go out into the world. Remember they only have you to wait for while you have the whole world. Dogs socializing with other dogs and theirContinue reading “Bring Your “Best Friend” to the Dog Park”

Keeping the Butter in Butternut Squash

Keeping the Butter in Butternut Squash By Elaine Gallagher When preparing for our Thanksgiving celebration I always try to include one or two new recipes. Over the past few years I have included Butternut Squash as a side for those people in my family who love butternut squash and who also do not like sweetContinue reading “Keeping the Butter in Butternut Squash”