Traveling in the New Normal

Recently, I took a plane trip to California to see my new grandson. Most likely I would not have ventured out in this unknown world if it wasn’t for him at this time. I had many nights of anxiety before my trip but I am pleased to say that I was exceptionally pleased with my travel conditions. My biggest difficulty was getting direct flights. With Covid around I did not want to have to stop and replane. I wanted to sanitize once. That’s another reason I opted to take a carry-on with me. It was definitely interesting packing ten days of clothes, etc. into my carry-on and backpack but I wanted as little extra activity (like going to a luggage carousel) as possible.

Ready for takeoff

Once I was settled I found myself at ease. Mask on, seats sanitized with my wipes and I was ready to go. The flight attendants were diligent in cleaning up constantly and always checking on passengers. You could not order any food boxes but you were provided with a sterilized bag with water and snacks. Water bottles were distributed throughout flight. You could not, however, get a blanket or pillow. You sat a seat apart from your neighbor and many rows were unoccupied. Once I was seated my anxiety passed and I found the flight to be very safe and stress free. We are all in the same boat so everyone had a mask or plastic shield on, and sanitizer is the new hand lotion. Even going to the bathroom was fine– clean with sanitizer available. I did not fear going in because of Covid and when getting to my destination I was relieved that it went so well. The hardest part was wearing a mask for almost 8 hours. I can tell you that the makeup business is sure losing money now. Masks will become the accessory of the future. In fact, you can check out everyone’s style as you go through the airport, on the plane and even exiting the airport.

The new normal traveling accessory – the mask

This was worth the joy of me seeing my amazing grandson and my beautiful daughter. The trip made it that much more emotional for me as I thought I wouldn’t be able to go for a very long time. The anxiety was much worse going that once I was there I realized that the world has embraced and tackled this pandemic so we can go about most things in our lives.

Californians were much more relaxed about the virus and just went about their lives with masks in tow. Like I said before, this is our new way of life. I often sit and wonder if we will ever go back to the way it was before this pandemic. I sure hope so but I think in the end we will all be stronger, handle disappointment better, and most of all, cherish all the little things in life. For all the grandparents that missed their grandchildren for months, our hearts ache and we hope that life will return to normal especially for them.

My next adventure will be a local vacation, driving and staying in a hotel. After my flying experience, this will not effect me but I look forward to seeing all the efforts made by resorts to make their customers happy. Life goes on and we have to enjoy what we can, just carefully…….