Embracing the Benefits of Being 50+

Many people have difficulty when they are approaching 50. They feel their youth slipping away and start researching their retirement options and readjusting their lifestyles. Then why are they not taking advantage of their senior discounts?Is it embarrassment or denial?

Once you get past that feeling and embrace your maturity, there is a world of opportunity for savings out there. Most people start receiving AARP membership opportunities when they approach their late 40s and they throw them away in disgust. Some people won’t even open it and throw it away before anyone else sees it. But think of it as something that you have earned and it will soon start giving you more money in your pocket. As you become an empty nester and have more time for yourself, take a look at what they can offer you. Now is the time to explore the world and enjoy peaceful days.

Here are some of the benefits you can receive:

. Discounts on car rentals

. Hotel discounts

. Discounts at restaurants

Visit the AARP website for a complete list. And don’t forget you can get a free donut at Dunkin Donuts everyday. Not a good idea when eating healthy but once in awhile a little splurge will lift your spirits. You can also check out AMAC which has a similar yearly fee of $16 and offers many discounts including discounted dental and vision plans, travel discounts and more.

Take your pick…..

Since I turned 50, I have a folder of all my little notes and clipped out magazine ads for any senior discounts that I can take advantage of. After all you work hard all your life and if you can save some money on exclusive benefits and products you should not look the other way. As you see others reaping the benefits, perhaps you will do so as well. Remember that places will not offer it to you, especially restaurants, unless you mention it. Be sure to mention it whenever you make a purchase. In fact, places you would not even think of, like an animal hospital, will offer you a senior discount. Have you gotten a bill from one of them lately— astronomical to say the least. So take advantage of what’s truly yours.

Reaching a senior age can be both wonderful and scary at the same time. You feel your youth slipping away and you long for those rare times people will ask you for an ID for proof of age. But remember with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes savings.

I would love to hear some of the senior discounts you have taken advantage of so please comment below. We should always be there for each other. So relax with a book and enjoy the life you lead. It’s yours and yours alone to reap the benefits of your hard work and sacrifice. Enjoy being a senior!

Published by egallagher713

I am an elementary educator for over 24 years in grades K through 5. I have been freelance writing for a few years and hope to write a children's book as well as complete my first novel. Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to your comments and contributions. As I near retirement I commit myself to Health and Wellness to enhance my life.

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Benefits of Being 50+

  1. Oh yes, I am not proud! I gladly remove my hat (if I am wearing one) to show my gray hair (I stopped coloring it years ago when I got to the Who Am I Kidding age) and verify that I do indeed qualify for whatever senior discount that particular business is offering. Some offer it every day if you are over a certain age; others only do it on specific days of the week. I think it is Publix that has Senior Day on maybe Wednesday? And Goodwill on Tuesdays? We have lived all over the place, so those days may vary in your area. You can tell which day is Senior Day by the preponderance of seniors shopping there on that day LOL.


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