Christmas in August?

We are used to seeing Halloween decorations in August but Christmas? Really? Why have we become a society that rushes our years and looks ahead instead of enjoying the present. Yes, I do buy Christmas presents in September sometimes, but that is only if I see something special. I do not want to rush shopping and just buy presents as an obligation. It is so important to put thought into it.

But decorations????? We get bombarded by these beautiful Christmas displays while most of us don’t even remember what we have stored away. So often we buy something that stands out only to find that we have the same thing or just about the same in our growing number of Christmas bins. That happened to me a few times so I make it a point to not look at these decorations. In fact, sometimes they annoy me so much I turn my head the other way.

It is the middle of September and my thoughts are on decorating the house in a fall theme. Some colorful leaves, pine cones, lanterns, candles and so on. Just a start to the school year and our last bit of hope before the bitter winter. I am not thinking about Halloween costumes, pumpkins, or hanging up ghosts or goblins.

Oh and by the way, did anyone remember that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. If you are like me, I try to extend my pumpkin and leaf decorations through November, adding a few turkeys and Giving Thanks signs. Its a reminder to be thankful for our families and friends, and not just running into the gift buying season. Thanksgiving was my father’s favorite holiday because there were no presents, just precious family time. Thanksgiving is just one of the days I miss him terribly. So enjoy the fall, breeze through Halloween and be thankful for all that you have before getting into the craziness of the holiday season!

Lets be thankful for all that we have in our lives … all the people we love and blessings we need to count…….

Published by egallagher713

I am an elementary educator for over 24 years in grades K through 5. I have been freelance writing for a few years and hope to write a children's book as well as complete my first novel. Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to your comments and contributions. As I near retirement I commit myself to Health and Wellness to enhance my life.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in August?

  1. Oh I’m with you on this I start shopping for christmas decor and gifts etc. In may. I start putting decorations up in September lol


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