Viva Puerto Rico

This was my third vacation to the island of Puerto Rico. I haven’t been there in over 15 years, but always remembered the culture that made this island so very special to me. It wasn’t just about sand and blue water but it has so much more to offer. I was curious to visit the island after its horrible brush with a hurricane that left people homeless and without power for up to a year.

I stayed at the Marriott in San Juan at Condado Beach which was still a beautiful place not devastated by the hurricane. The hotel was exquisite, with wonderful staff and beautiful beaches. This made our stay relaxing and refreshing.

In our travels, we we took a Catamaran to another beach off the island which was beyond breathtaking. The clear, light blue water entranced you. You wanted to stay there forever.

We had a delicious lunch, many Pina Coladas, swam in the turquoise waters and even tried some snorkeling. Some other passengers even ventured to jump off the boat a few times. Overall, the day was magnificent and the air was salty and healing.

One day, we visited the fort used to help win the Spanish American war in 1898. The fort was set on the water and had history everywhere, highlighted by the wildlife that moved in, namely iguanas and parrots, and even some small crabs. Every corner of the fort intrigued us as we took in the history and the beauty of this historical landmark.

One evening we shopped in Old San Juan, ate in indigenous Puerto Rican restaurants and just relaxed and enjoyed the happy sounds of this beautiful island. I discovered Mufango, which is a plantain surrounding the food of your choice — grilled skirt steak, chicken and even seafood. On our last night in Puerto Rico I enjoyed a dish I never had before – Ropas Viejas which is a shredded beef deliciously seasoned in a sweet plantain presentation. The word delicious does not give this dish justice.

We met many Puerto Rican’s who are so grateful for our visits as they are working hard to rebuild their island which is still recovering from the aftermath of the hurricane. They offer great deals right now, so if you need a quick 4 day getaway, please check out Puerto Rico. You will never forget this island of paradise!

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