I have become more aware of the importance of making healthy choices in life. And, of course, that is easier said than done. We need to realize that our choices and habits create our reality.

Your goal can’t be to reverse what you have done to your body in your life, but rather to start where you are. Leave the past behind. Today is a new day that will be shaped by your choices and attitude starting NOW!! Focus forward on how you can improve instead of worrying about the past.

As you strive to meet your wellness goals, it is vital that you hold yourself accountable for making healthy choices. One way to do this is to effectively track your daily activities and journal your health and wellness goals. Research proves that people who track their daily activities are more successful at reaching their goals than those who don’t. Tracking reveals the blind spots in your daily habits that are sabotaging your efforts to reach your goals.

Do I still eat chocolate ? YES But I consume less, and I have now have self-awareness that choosing to have a few pieces versus an entire bar or box. If you want to increase your accountability and self-awareness.toward your health and wellness goals, try experimenting with various trackers and see what works for you. Using a journal can be a fun and inexpensive way to track your activities. You can also explore some digital trackers and apps to help you track your food and exercise.

When you start consistently making and practicing changes in your life, you’ll start noticing a difference in how you look, feel and think. Celebrate these changes. Celebrate your successes.

In my movement to live a healthier life, I have changed my outlook on eating, exercising and plan each day as much as I can. Yes, I do have cheat days but as long as I go back to “my plan for success” I can continue to be focused the next day. In my changes, I found a company named Melaleuca. Melaleuca is a health and wellness club that carries over 450 products that you use in your home all the time. From cleaning products, health and nutrition, to beauty and hair care, to just name a few — Melaleuca has it all. For a small membership fee, you can have access to all of these products. Visit to take a look at the products we offer. If you would like an application for membership, or additional information, please email me at Let’s be partners and help each other achieve our goals.

When You Just Need Chocolate

I have been very vigilant in my weight loss efforts. I have lost 20 pounds and make an effort to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. But two things always stand in my way — pizza and chocolate. I have eaten cauliflower pizza crust (it’s satisfactory), but I have not been able to satisfy my chocolate craving until now. So I want to share with you my recipe for Flourless Chocolate Chip Brownies.


. Nonstick cooking spray

. 1 15 oz can chickpeas (drain and rinse)

. 1/4 cup butter (or organic coconut oil)

. 2 large eggs

. 1/2 cup pure maple syrup

. 1 tsp vanilla extract

. 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

. 1/2 tsp baking powder

. Sea salt

. 1/4 cup semi-sweet (or dark) chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Line 9 x 9 inch baking pan with parchment paper. Lightly coat with spray.

3. In separate blender (or food processor) place chickpeas, butter, eggs, maple syrup, extract, cocoa powder, baking powder and a touch of salt. Blend until smooth.

4. Add chocolate chips, mix by hand until blended.

5. Evenly spread batter into prepared pan.

6. Bake for 25-28 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the brownies comes out clean.

7. Cool. Cut into squares.

Please note that you can substitute cannelloni beans for garbanzo beans. They make it a little smoother. If you use an 8×8 inch pan brownies will be a little thicker.


True Happiness

When you wake up every morning ready to face a new day do you ponder what it is that truly makes you happy? Do you take a moment from your routine (getting up, getting ready for work, commuting, working and then coming home again) to understand what makes you a happy person?

Most of the time our lives consist of To Do lists, chores, jobs and everyday life hassles. We hardly ever take time to just breathe deeply and take in the sights around us. We always put it off to when we have time, like the weekend, or our next vacation. Perhaps you can change that. What if you spent ten minutes every morning before you start your day thinking about all that you have to be happy about and what you can do today to add to that happiness.

Sometimes a simple deed for a less fortunate person can make us feel happy, sitting outside with a cup of coffee can make us feel peaceful, and just taking a moment break can help us regain our reasons for doing what we do. Remember that you go to work every day to make life better for you and your family, to pay for the beautiful house or apartment you are living in, to save for a bigger place, to work towards that European vacation and so on. We should add these goals and dreams to our weekly or daily To Do lists to keep us on track and to make us find more meaning in the everyday, mundane parts of our lives.

Sit back and imagine that beautiful place you hope to visit, where peace and tranquility will give you that relief from the everyday. Don’t put off those planned excursions for work and chores. Make them a part of your To Do list.

While doing that, make your family a part of your To Do list. Instead of the list of errands you are running this week, make a list of all the ways you can tell someone you love them, show them your love and experience their love. Life is too short to wait for these expressions of love. Sip in the moment, breathe in the ocean breezes, and take a pause to reflect on what your life truly means at the end of every day. A job can always be replaced, your life and your time cannot, so hold on tight to that which you love and want in your life.

Life’s Journey

Life is a confusing, day to day journey that has its share of ups and downs. We often sit and reflect on our lives — sometimes with so much happiness we fear sharing it and other times we feel such sadness we try to figure out a way to get through the night. Each of us is fighting our own daily battle. Step aside during your busy day to remember why we have this life and how not all the small stuff matters in the scheme of our lives. Embrace love, empathize with others and feel God’s presence as you tackle each new day as a fresh start.

Life changes within a split second. How often do we sit down after a long day and remember how easy yesterday was? A day could be going along as usual and then you find yourself somewhere you didn’t plan on that morning. Life is so unpredictable. Sometimes just watching a show for 10 seconds can bring back moments of extreme sadness that we put out of our minds.

So how do we attack this journey every single day? Does it get easier with every blow? Not easier just more bearable. When you endure pain in your life through losing your parents or some dear friends, an important friendship is lost or just some career disappointments, each time we endure these hardships we add to our strength and endurance.

Sometimes we have a habit of comparing ourselves to others but we must always remember that everyone had their own journey with their own bumps, their own happiness and their own sadness. We are not alone. Opening up to each other helps us get through those days. A hug goes a long way whether you are giving it or getting it in return. When we give love, no matter what pain we are going through, we will find love and peace in our own lives, in our “own journey”. Let’s open up to each other and not walk on the path alone, but rather alongside the people who matter and make our lives whole. Make the journey worthwhile and live each day to the fullest….

Burn Fat

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