Free Radicals in the Body

For centuries, scientists and physicians have been searching for ways to measure and predict health and illness.  While Galileo developed a thermoscope in the 16th century, it wasn’t until 1868 that Carl Wunderlich invented the clinical thermometer, which allowed accurate temperatures to be read.  The stethoscope began widespread use about the same time.  And in the early 1900s, accurate blood pressure measurement became easier and more widespread.

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Over the last 130 years, these tools have become essential in measuring and monitoring key health indicators.  Today, the four key measurements gathered from them are known as “vital signs” and consist of pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiratory rate.  These are the first essential measurements that medical professionals takes to help assess the general physical health of a patient, gives clues to possible diseases and show progress toward recovery.

Advances in technology have not only made these measurements easier and faster to take, they have added new measurements to provide additional health clues.  Many physicians now recognize blood glucose level as a 5th vital sign, and blood cholesterol and blood lipid levels are now an essential part of standard health screenings.  As technology evolves two additional measurements are being recognized as major markers of wellness and predictors of disease — free radicals and inflammation.  If your health-care provider isn’t talking to you about these two measurements yet, it won’t be long until they do.

Medical research now understands that recognizing and controlling free radicals and inflammation are more critical to maintaining long-term health than just about any other marker.  If you can reduce free radicals and inflammation, you could not only extend life, you could increase the quality of that life, giving you the vitality to enjoy those extra years and make the most of them.

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Inflammation is a term that refers to the body’s complex response to any outside threats like germs and bacteria.  When those invaders are detected, the body produces a wide variety of chemicals and specialized cells to protect it.  Heat, pain, redness, or swelling are the most common indicators that the immune system is being called into action.  Anytime you have inflammation, you have free radicals.  The two are inseparable.

With chronic inflammation, the body’s defenses don’t stop with just destroying bacteria, they continue their attack damaging healthy cells and tissue as well.  When healthy tissue is damaged, the body sees it as an additional threat and increases the inflammatory response to stop the problem.  This inflammation creates more free radicals, which do more damage and signal more inflammation.  Once begun, this process becomes like a dangerous runaway train, one that experts are recognizing as the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of our time.  Unlike traditional vital signs, chronic inflammation is often invisible and undetectable, you can’t see it or feel it happening.

For most problems, nature provides a solution and our health is no exception.  The human body is miraculous when supplied with nutrition it needs.  Proper nutrition is directly linked to the the body’s ability to increase energy levels, fight off and recover from illness, improve overall well-being and reduce the risk of major health concerns.  Proper nutrition can also reduce inflammation and free radicals. In fact, antioxidants and other nutrients in the Peak Performance Pack by Melaleuca are crucial to keeping them at bay.  Changing dietary habits and dropping nutrient levels make it harder than ever to provide the body with the critical nutrients it needs to maintain health and longevity.  That is exactly why the Peak Perforance Pack  was created.  The Peak Performance Nutrition Pack is powered by Oligo.  Oligo is the only mineral delivery system that delivers minerals to the body in the same form as found n plants, by binding them with proteins and fibers.  This provides superior mineral absorption and maximum antioxidant protection.  The minerals processed with Oligo technology undoubtedly played an important role in the results of the Freiburg Study.  Read more about this study and the various Peak Performance Packs developed as a result of this study at  For more information on these products, and also our other wellness products please email

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