Spring Ahead

As I am home another day staring out my window at the white, snow covered  trees, I no longer see beauty.  Actually, I am tired of it.  Winter can show us beauty in pictures and maybe during one snowfall where you enjoy the benefits of your warm home, a cup of hot cocoa, and a day to catch up on other things in life besides work.  Well, this winter did not give this to me.  I already spent 5 days without power, heat and cable and I am still trying to recoup what I lost in my refrigerator.  Just too many basics to restock up on at once. My schedule is upside down and after staying home today I hope to get completely back on track.

So it is March 13 and Mother Nature promises us Spring in 7 days.  Well I am holding you to this Mother Nature!!!! I think I speak for myself, as well as everyone around me, as a person who is done with winter and who just wants to get back to life.  After missing one week of Pilates, Zumba and Barre classes I am starting to feel as if weeks of work have gone to winter flab.  I browse through my closet, on yet another day home, to think ahead to the fun outfits I will hopefully be wearing soon as I dream of warm weather, sitting on my deck with a glass of wine, and seeing my friends who have all had the same problems.  We all now officially have cabin fever and want to be together again.  Sharing a meal, having a toast to togetherness and just celebrating life! So we are now surrendering Mother Nature and begging you to bring Spring on!!

This is a week of celebrations for me – first, my birthday and then St. Patrick’s Day.  So a little bit of cheating will occur.  I will attempt to limit it to a little bit.  But I have set a new date of Sunday, March 18 (two days before the first day of Spring) to recommit to my eating plan, exercise challenge and to continue becoming a healthier me.  Hope all of you will join me as we get closer to those summer months that we all love and cherish.



Blackout Interruption

So I left work early anticipating a little storm that became an upheaval all around me. The beginning of the trip was painless with just some wind until we got closer to home. Streets were full of thick heavy snowy slush and the wind pushed the car as we drove down one street and had to turn again for a down tree. A few more of these turns and I was almost there. I was ready to kiss the ground when I got home and saw my husband’s car covered with a fallen tree. And so it began….

So we got the tree off the car without a hitch. No scratches. We were lucky. Ok. This should be over soon. No such luck. After two flickers of lights we lost power a little after 3. This was right after another tree fell and blocked the road I would have driven down if I left work on time. Thankful I left early.

We figured this would be an hour blackout tops but the wind continued. It was fierce and loud. We heard fire trucks and emergency vehicles every few minutes. Now I was not so hopeful. Two hours later I decided to just make dinner by lighting the stove. We had some chick pea pasta bolognese with a glass of Cabernet and lit lots of candles.

Our mood was still hopeful until another two hours passed and we started feeling the cold. So bedtime it was at 8:30 – very abnormal for me but I tried. We snuggled under three blankets with out faithful bichon. After a few hours I froze into dreamland.

The next morning I desperately need a cup of coffee and some answers. Coffee down the street with no bagels (machine down of course). So we try the overcrowded diner and spend two hours with other blackout victims waiting for food and charging our phones. Ready to face the world again.

Back home now to a frigid damp house. We call over 50 hotels that are either blacked out as well or booked. Luckily for us (and our marriage) we get a room in the next state. Resting finally, watching Sideways, and craving a glass of Pinot Noir, we hope the prediction of no power for seven days is wrong. Please let them be wrong. Wanted to write in case I can’t get to a computer for another week.