Tax Season Tension

This morning I decided to organize myself as I finally found myself with a Saturday with nothing planned and no errand to run.  So here I am faced with a folder of paper to organize.  Oh no.  Where to begin?

I get my wits about me and try to recall what I did in the past, before all bills were online and not all tax forms were mailed to you.  This was a good place to start.  I started a list of what forms I needed and what deductions I needed to computer.  A general list was forming in my mind:  house, bank, job, charities, business expenses…. and then my organizing began its flow.

Every year we always fear leaving something out of the pile for our accountant coupled with the fear that we many not receive any money back from the government.  That was always like a bonus for the year in anticipation of a house project or maybe a long awaited vacation.

So, like I did this morning, take a deep breath and start making piles and lists.  That is my life as a teacher, as a writer and now as a tax preparer.

Good luck with your tax returns this year.  Here’s hoping everyone gets a deserved refund that can add to the quality of your life.

Computer File Mayhem

pexels-photo-745409.jpegI thought about this mayhem this morning when I was organizing some files on my computer. Did you ever spend countless minutes looking for a file you need on your computer? You always promise that next time you will organize them in folders if you could please just find this one file. And they say computers are supposed to help us!!

So I decided today that I am going to set aside a morning soon to organize my files. I am going to set up folders in one section of my drive so I can easily find them. I didn’t tell you what day I was going to do this though. Should I put my files under This PC section or OnePC section? Or should I just put them on my external drive? And maybe I should just double save them. Or would it be easier to just do all my work on my Google Drive? Oh, but I could run out of space there and I don’t want to buy any more space. Too many questions to answer so I think I will just wait to organize my files.

I’m sure this same dilemma will arise tomorrow morning when I have to edit a piece I am working on or when I am writing a lesson plan for my next unit. It’s a problem that continues to grow and becomes more exasperating. Perhaps I should just continue to do all my writing on my IPad. What do you think about File Mayhem?

Elaine Gallagher

Real Estate Podcast

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According to Edison Research, 1 out of every 4 Americans listens to podcasts, as of 2017.

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January 1

IMG_0807It’s the first day of a new year.  Most of us feel as if this is a new beginning.  Let’s try to keep this thought going past the first few weeks of January.  I am going to write a list of my wishes and goals for the new year.  If written down, I almost feel as if I can revisit them, remind myself of what I want to achieve and keep these goals alive for the year.

My list begins:

. Go back to my healthy eating routine and continue my gym commitment.  With my daughter getting married this year, I have even stronger reasons to achieve my goal.

Go back to the novel I started last summer.  I only wrote an outline and one chapter.  If I can visit it at least once each week (and more if possible) I can achieve my goal.  It is difficult with a full time job but no more excuses.

.Slow down.  I am always eager to get everything done.  This year I plan to take time for myself to refuel more often.

. Give more freely to others even if they have hurt me.  Remind myself that everyone has a different journey and people’s avoidance does not directly relate to me.

Live each day to the fullest.  Even when I have a bad day at work I want to remind myself of the good in my life.

Reconnect with God.

That’s it for now.  If I accomplish the above I will be very happy with myself.  I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.  Remember be kind to yourself and always try your best.