Do Clothes Make a Man? 

By Elaine Gallagher 

 ​Are you what you wear? Clothing carries symbolic meaning. A man wearing a police uniform suggests safety in the street as well as an enforcer of rules. A handsome man in a crisp, white Navy uniform has an aura of distinction that is universal. Uniforms as a type of clothing often have a set kind of feeling or observation. It carries with it a sense of pride and dignity.


Mark Twain is known for saying that clothes make a man. Overall, clothes represent you (your career), exhibit your mood (messy or polished to perfection), and often is the reason someone is liked or disliked. First impressions are based on your looks and include a top to bottom scrutiny. When you see a man in a beautifully tailored suit you can visualize him in specific professions. If a man piles into a pickup truck wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, you shout out plumber or carpenter. The clothing men wear daily usually depicts a career or lack thereof.


A woman will notice the entire package when first meeting a man. Looks are one review, but she will make inferences based on what he is wearing. A woman tries to determine if he keeps his apartment clean or is messy. Is his shirt dangling out of his pants or is he meticulously put together? Next time you walk back from lunch, look at men and play a fun game of “what does he do for a living”. We try not to criticize others but we do so every single day.


Unfortunately, we live in a society that depicts clothing with social status. Yes, men are judged by the clothes they wear. For women it means someone they want to know or run away from.

August Begins

As a teacher the arrival of August 1st comes with mixed emotions. Happy that I am still in the middle of my restful, fun, rejuvenating and much needed summer break. Anxious as time slips away and the new school year approaches. Will I have a better class this year? Will I be frustrated learning a few more new units of study in preparation for our very tight calendar of expectations.
Deep breaths. I am in a Boditude wellness group, I am walking every morning and getting back into a serious exercise program. I am planting flowers and enjoying the outside as much as I can while panicking about what this new school year will be. Teachers have the most rewarding jobs that continues to be different on a daily basis, and you still get another chance each year. If last year’s class left you exhausted, there is always hope that the next one will surpass all others. And at the same time we keep one thought in the back of our minds — we get to start all over again in 10 months.
So to all my teacher friends out there– enjoy every last second of this summer. Sleep late, see old friends, keep a journal, travel and live life. Before you know it summer will be back again.
Elaine Gallagher